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My name is Cecilia Kwerepe, the founder of Weight Loss Solution website.

For so many years, I have being struggling to lose weight and stay in shape for a longer period. This was because I was not doing it the right way. Now I have found my personal ideas and strategies that work for me, and I know It will work for you too.

Let me share with you the background of my story

My Struggle with Crush and Fad diets

When I was still at college, Growing up, I did not have any problems with weight because I was always active in sports. I was a good runner and playing Soft Ball.

The problem started when I finish college and start working. I was always busy at work and eating junk food during lunchtime and after work. I had no time to exercise. That was when I gained a lot of weight and I was diagnosed with heart palpitations.

My only solution that time and the information I got was going on a crush or fad diet. I would do that for two weeks and lose a lot of weight faster, but after some few months I will regain more weight again.

I finally found a healthy lifestyle weight loss solution that made me to stay in shape for life and improve my health.

I am Passionate about helping others with Weight Loss Solution

My aim is to help you to lose weight the perfect and the healthier way.

Weight loss can promote health benefits. These include, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, less stress on bones and joints and less work for the heart.

My Goal is to help you to live a happy and a healthy lifestyle

My goal is to help you to loss weight and maintain it to obtain health benefits over a lifetime.

If you have being struggling for so many years to lose that weight that made you sick and unhappy, well I am here to help you.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any question relating  to Weight Loss Solution or just drop me a comment.

Thank you. That is my story. Nice to meet you. I hope you will enjoy the experience of Weight Loss Solution.


Cecilia Kwerepe



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